Our goal is to present solutions that support the life of your business.

Expert Guidance to Optimize Your Technology Budget

Our team of professionals will develop a cost-effective communications plan to help your company grow. We will source options for you, manage the projects until completion and you will have an unbiased partner that knows your services and helps you manage them into the future. You can also call us or email us at any time with service issues or questions. We are an added layer of support that you’ve been missing. Don’t spend hours putting quotes together, let our qualified team do the work for you.

FREE (yes, free!) AUDIT

Telecom billing errors aren’t outliers – they’re the norm. Overbilling, duplicate charges, and simple errors can happen to even the most diligent businesses. A zero-cost, risk-free telecom audit can convert costly errors into credits and reduce costs moving forward. We offer a customized audit process where we’ll comb through your invoices to find all possible errors – resulting in cost savings. Our review will eliminate inaccurate invoices and ensure savings. A telecom audit will help you uncover areas where you’ve been overspending and create significant opportunities to save. Repurpose your savings to ensure your business stays competitive in the current landscape.

Where we identify savings:

  • Monthly Recurring Charges (MRCs) – This is the base rate on your standard bill.
  • Review FCC charges and fees, Tax Percentages, Pass-through Billing, Excessive Fees, Carrier Surcharge.
  • Third-Party Billing – These are often hidden fees.
  • Unused Features – Added services from the origination of a contract that may have been forgotten.

Customers Use Their Savings To:

  • Offset budgets
  • Refresh and upgrade key equipment
  • Increase bandwidth
  • Expand their network
  • Implement new technology solutions

Our Services Include:

VoIP & Hosted Phone Systems


Network Design

Network Redundancy

Managed Hosting

Business Continuity

Cloud Migration

Contact Center

Firewall & Managed Firewall

Internet Circuits

SIP Trunking

Wireless & Mobile Carrier Partners

Network Security Remote Infrastructure Management

Ongoing IT Support
& Management

On-demand IVR
& Routing Solutions

Communication Expense Management & Procurement

Unified Communications

Microsoft Teams

Cisco Webex

Managed SD-WAN

SD-WAN Solutions

VMware SD-WAN™

VMware® Edge Network Intelligence™ (ENI)

Global Managed SD-WAN

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN

Fortinet® FortiPortal

Cisco® Meraki®

Managed Network Services

Business Internet

Ethernet Private Networking

IPsec VPN Remote Access


Long Distance Services

Call Compliance

Long Distance PRI

Mission Critical Toll Free

SIP Termination/Origination


Dedicated Internet Access


SIP Termination/Origination

Managed IT

Managed Connectivity

Managed Failover

Managed Routers

Managed Security

Multi-Cloud Connect

WAN Network Monitoring

Cloud & Voice Communications

Audio Conferencing


XCaaS by 8×8


Call Recording

Internet Fax

Local PRI and Analog


SIP Trunking

We’re “Connection” Brokers

Just like insurance brokers who help their clients navigate insurance options,
SKS Connect assists their clients with navigating the sea of communication providers, saving our clients money and ensuring a strong connection between our clients and the people they are trying to reach. With so many choices, the decision can be complicated. Our team has significant knowledge within the communications industry; expertise that translates to better coverage and savings for you.

Our job is to represent your business and its interests:

  • Take the time to evaluate current technology and discuss goals
  • Work with a range of providers, including those you may already use
  • Invest our time into finding the right solutions
  • Remain impartial
  • Negotiate the best rates
  • Maximize savings to reduce your budget
  • Provide continued customer support

Far Beyond Cleaning Up Billing Errors

Do you have the expertise to manage your complex communication projects? Do you really know what you should be paying for communication services? There’s no reason why you should. SKS will help you understand exactly what communication services you’re paying for and – if necessary – present cost-effective alternatives to the services you already have. Don’t waste resources combing through communication bills or overspending on services.

Our experts will

  • Help you understand the true costs involved in telecom
  • Find solutions that will help your business grow
  • Manage a wide scope of telecom projects
  • Provide hands-on customer service