Company Info

Solving Problems & Founded in 2006

SKS provides a singular interface for vendor relationships. With a singular interface, you’ll have fewer meetings, fewer repetitive conversations, and an easier / faster procurement process.

SKS Connect is a privately owned and operated company founded in the heart of the Midwest in 2006. Our goal is to reduce communication costs while improving a business’s overall experience with communicating and connecting with potential clients, buyers and other businesses. SKS Connect builds custom solutions based on each customer’s individual needs.

As a company, we have the skills to work with companies of all shapes and sizes. SKS Connect has direct contracts with multiple providers to make sure your business is getting the best rates and services. We also manage the design and implementation of all solutions.

Our dedicated team of proven professionals has over 50 years of combined communications experience. Our employees are dedicating to solving problems. We will promptly resolve any issues your business is experiencing and will continue to work until completed to your satisfaction because we care about your business.